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Sand & Stone – CD

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It’s with great delight that I can proudly announce the launch of the Pre Orders for the Fourth Album by The Chris Bevington Organisation due for release in 2020. It seems quite an incredible journey from back in 2012 when I first thought of the slim possibility that I could venture into recording my very first Album at the grand old age of 50, this was always a life’s ambition and I managed that wonderful goal with the release of Chris Bevington and Friends back in 2013. Album 2 was to follow, then Album 3 and now for Album 4.

The amazing thing is the people who matter most to me have supported and grown the Project far beyond my aspirations and dreams and we find ourselves with 10 superb tracks ready for the recording phase and all of the 10 have been written by Jim Kirkpatrick and Scott Ralph and they are sounding really good.

We decided to spend some quality and quiet time in the Studio with the Writing phase to give Scott and Jim time to write and come and go without any fixed release date or a date that really creates unnecessary pressure or expectations. So, the music is ready when its ready and that’s the best way I say.

The plan now will be to gather the team together, so the whole band can hear the tracks and start putting ideas together and dates in Studio diaries to start the recording process. We are planning to do Video Diaries as we progress to keep you all up to date with the developments as things move on.

How can you help? well that’s just a matter of Pre ordering the Album via the link and I promise that all of the money will help finance the release. The aim is to produce the best Album of music that we possibly can.

We all really appreciate your support so please keep in touch and you can see how the Album comes together as we’ll post regular updates.

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